I was thrown here—alone and oblivious. The landscape is gray, cold, and frightening. I stared at the horizon and immediately understood—I knew nothing of this terrain.

I wanted to leave, but instead, I did what I knew I had to do. I set forth for a long walk into the Wilderness.

As I walk, I cover two planes simultaneously—a finite geographical wilderness and a vast and never-ending mental wilderness. Walking in geographic space expands the mind. Walking the mind deepens the meaning of geographic space.

In this excursion, which ends only in death, I gather seeds of thoughts, verses, images, and experiences. I pocket these seeds until I find the right soil to plant them, here in a third space—cyberspace.

I revisit what were planted rhythmically to tend to them, re-walking once verdant valleys and creating trails through my footsteps—trails that connect what later become seedlings. I am bound to re-walk these trails and re-walk them again, until what were planted have grown into evergreens.

One day, I will be surrounded by a forest garden of the mind, and everything will finally make sense.

I walk only to find answers to one question: how to live?

I write these words and share them here if only I can make this thrown existence more meaningful.

Would you like to walk with me?

Let’s begin here.