The process outlined in Sharing the product applies to the development of ideas for publication, which are usually artifacts made of many ideas. Sharing my working notes (talahardin) will not follow this process, as they are individual concepts. I will share them as they are. Any feedback I get from this could develop the individual concepts, which will be included into bigger artifacts that will then follow the previous process for sharing.

Sharing the process also involves being as honest as possible about my work. I should use Anti-marketing to build a more authentic relationship with my audience and community.

I need to share my process because my work requires me to answer the queston “how should I live?” It is only natural for my audience to ask what the good life looks like. Using my own life as an example, documenting it, and sharing it to others could help advance my goal.

I need to insert a very obvious element of autobiography in my essays. I shouldn’t just be talking about ideas (like James Clear). I need to talk about my life and what I am doing. I need to provide an insider’s perspective to my life in general. I need to share processes and provide updates about where I am going.

Ideas on how to do this and what to share are in the following notes: