While the strength of talahardin lies in its non-heirarchical top-down design, hierarchical structures can still be very useful particularly when getting a bird’s eyeview of the relationships among your evergreens. This is where structure notes can be helpful.

Sascha Fast calls structure notes “meta-notes” as they are permanent notes about other permanent notes. They are similar (probably a digital version) of niklas luhmann’s Hub notes.

Think of structure notes like a “Table of Contents” for the best permanent notes on a big topic.

For a guide on creating them, see How to create structure notes.

Structure notes also serve as the end goal artifact of general projects in lieu of a a manuscript or draft common in writing projects.

To do

  • Simplify the note by note excessively mentioning other peoles.
  • Decide if you are going to integrate this term in to your system.


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