Writing is not the end goal in my life plan. Writing is simply a tool I use to facilitate the enhancement of the most important of the Five areas of my life work: living. I write to uncover what is true, to understand how truth relates to how I want to act, and to create meaning from my actions and experiences (Writing is the best facilitator for thinking). Writing helps me live more effectively and intentionally.

Therefore, the most important writing I do is journaling, note-writing in my talahardin, and other writings I do in private. These kinds of writing are not performative. They are deeply personal and functional.

An excemption is perhaps uman, which, although public, serves a very important purpose: to help me review my actions and, therefore, check whether my end results match my intentions (an action succeeds if its end state approximates its intention).

This also shows that my strengths as a writer is not in skilfull narrative or even poetry but still in philosophy (Thoreau prioritized content over style in his writing). Writing helps me think better and make philosophy a personal project.