Zettelkasten is a German word that roughly traslates to “slip-box.” Not everyone agrees to this translation. It is a note-writing system famous for fuelling the scholarship of Niklas Luhmann. sonke ahrens’ book How to Take Smart Notes - Ahrens is considered the best entry point book for the system in English. I think the most intuitive version of the system for the Internet age is Andy Matuschak’s Evergreen note-taking system. Many consider the website Zettelkasten as the best source of practical information on modern-day applications of the process.

To see how Luhmann used the Zettelkasten, see Luhmann’s Zettelkasten Manual. While heavily similar, there might be subtle nuances in Ahren’s Zettelkasten Manual.

My own version of this system is talahardin.

To do

  • Link to people who don’t agree on the English translation of Zettelkasten to slipbox