This phrases refers to the process of Sharing one’s journey as it happens (i.e., Sharing the process). For Dan Blank, this is part of how to Be a gateway for other people. But it only happens when you prioritize process over product.

When a creative applies this principle, they also apply the classic writing advice “Show, don’t tell.” Instead of telling how great their work is, they show how it is done and how it matters to their ideal audience. Doing this helps the audience feel less promoted to (see Anti-marketing) and encourages many of them to become advocates, especially when they see that their vision is aligned to yours. Here is A list of process artifacts I could share.

This is similar to Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work strategy, which simply involves sharing rough, ongoing artifacts of one’s process. For a writer or independent researcher, sharing ones Zettelkasten or Evergreen notes, like Andy Matuschak is doing, is a great way to apply this philosophy.

Aside from connecting with your audience genuinely, Sharing your process helps you be aware of how you align your daily life with your creative work.


Blank, D. (2017). Be the Gateway: A Practical Guide to Sharing Your Creative Work and Engaging an Audience. WeGrowMedia.