Matured and resilient plants in forest garden of the mind.

Two kinds?

There are two kinds of permanent notes:

  1. literature notes that go to a reference management system like Zotero (or in my case, a separate folder in craft).
  2. Permanent notes themselves that are stored in the slip-box (zettelkasten or talahardin).

How to write permanent notes

Permanent notes then to require more attention when written because they need to be self-explanatory. The goal is to read them in the future and still understand them because they preserve the original thinking from which they arose.

To develop a good permanent note, it has to revolve around a single idea, which you then connect with other ideas within the slip-box. This means that you need to Fill permanent notes with links to other notes.

how to convert literature notes to permanent notes

Write using permanent notes

Because they are carefully written, you can come up with a final piece of writing using them (Write using permanent notes).

To do

  • This note needs clarification on the definition of literature notes. Are they permanent or fleeting?