This is the third among the Five areas of my life work.

The purpose of sharing is to fully and authentically express mysef in a way that is both refreshing to me and to the person receiving my message, thus contributing to a culture of sharing.

Why share

Why would anyone doing important and creative work share it? If the healthiest motivation for working is internal rewards, why pursue something that feels external? (See Why does one opt to live in public? for my thoughts on this).

What to share

Because I also see my work as a form of use-inspired basic research, I would be sharing:

  1. Theories - What I learned from studying and reflecting
  2. Methods - What I learned from applying what I studied and reflected on

There are two ways I can share my theories and methods:

  1. Sharing the product
  2. Sharing the process (i.e. work with the garage door up)

My main art is still non-fiction prose writing. I want to write about my studies and the application of my studies in the context of my personal story and in a way that makes fine reading (see i write personal essays). But I could perhaps also write plain direct philosophical artifacts and use them to write the more creative ones. For sure, I need to do a lot of thinking about my writing and how I share it. Good thing I can learn from People who inspire my sharing.

How to share

Sharing is the larger context from which the motivation to learn different artistic media lies. I want to share my ideas, thoughts, and feelings better, so I learn writing, photography, and coding.

My strategy for sharing