There are five categories of actions in the work that I do. These categories are:

  1. understanding
  2. living
  3. Sharing
  4. connecting
  5. facilitating

The first four categories are sequential: one comes before the other. However, the fifth category (Connecting) is a meta-category that happens across all the steps.

Also, the first two categories are usually done in solitude. They make up the bulk of my work. I study during my morning writing practice and practice throughout other blocks of time within my daily routine. On the other hand, the last three categories involve other people and are done less frequently, except Connecting, which ideally should be a daily practice (strategy for connecting).

The five categories of action does not just express what I want from my work, The five categories of action in my work express what I want from life. Furtheremore, these categories are designed to answer the question how to live

To do

  • Living is no longer a category. Everything I do is living.