1. I have faith in the trinity of self, neighbour, and cooperative society. The self, neighbour, and cooperative society, while each having a unique personality, are entirely one. Therefore, there is no differentiation of precedence or superiority/inferiority between them, and one always contains the other.

Reflecting on this fourth statement has given me doubt on anarchism and opens the possibility for toning down my belief on it. In anarchism, freedom is the primary value. It champions that the more freedom is maximized the better things become. After reading Shinichiro Imaoka’s fourth statement I am persuaded to look deeper at what freedom is.

In anarchy the concept is very political and economic. It rejects government and any central authority. Self-governance is favored. Anarcho-capitalism is the epitome of all these. In an anarcho-capitalist society the self is free to do what it wants to, consume as much and grow wealth as much as it can without any intervention by anyone. Only other selves could check and balance the self. But is this really what freedom means? Is it possible for me to live in an oppressive society and still be free? Isn’t this what spirituality and religion is for: to help the individual achieve true freedom wherever he or she is and in whatever context? This makes Henri Bergson’s thought very interesting.

I want my worldview to begin from the “depth” and not the external world. I want to begin with the heart and uncover what it knows is possible.

My worldview has to recognize the freedom of the individual but also his strong interdependence with his fellow individual and in turn their strong interdependence with the world. They are a whole. I think this is where politics fails as it is simply interested in destroying the opposing side.

Self: I want to reach my depth. Neighbour: I want to reach my depth. All: How can we all reach our depths and be truly free while supporting each other and the world we live in?

Question: How can I continue to pursue true freedom (i.e., being in touch with my depth) while living in a way that is mindful of my interconnectedness with my neighbour and the rest of creation?