Freedom is a concept that rests on the premise that Free will exists, which, in turn, rests on the premise that The self exists—an autonomous and unique self. Therefore, to believe in freedom is to believe on the self and to protect freedom is to protect the self. Knowing the self amplifies freedom.

Freedom is doing things the way I want them to be. That’s why I work as a freelancer and why I gave myself the permission to not grow my blog into a business but instead into just a vehicle for self-expression and service. I don’t want my words to be hindered by the desire to please others or to gain more followers or to earn money. If there’s anything that hinders self-expression in my blog right now that is my desire to serve a soul, to write for a friend who is asking me a question rather than simply to write for myself. But at the same time, I find that, to use a line from a song by Foster the People:”It’s funny how freedom can make us feel contained.” Freedom gives us the rare chance to do things that we love when we like it in the way we want to do them. But it’s frightening when you suddenly realise there’s just so little you can do with the large amount of freedom you have. Many times I felt this in the past, thought that maybe I should just go back and find a full-time job so my days would be automatically filled with ready-made TO DOs.

Per Imaoka

Per shinichiro imaoka, what is the meaning of “free” in “free religion” (jiyu shukyo)?

He was heavily influenced by Henri Bergson who said moments of freedom is so hard to come by because we always live in a superficial self.

How did Imaoka reconciled an individual’s search for freedom with his interdependence with others?


Does the Bergsonian meaning of freedom match the word “jiyu” as used by Imaoka? Or does Imaoka mean something differently?

Read the chapter on jiyu sent by Nathan to Andrew (book title: Zen Bridge).


Freedom and community

There is no absolute freedom

Freedom will only exist as long as it is allowed by the environment where it exists.

The question is whether that community should arise through force or if it should arise organically.

To write and wait for them to come.