It is difficult to make a multi-day walk because no one is going to carry your backpack for u. In other countries, services exist to bring ur luggage at your destination. Unless of course u do this manually: bring ur luggage via transpo. Return to ur origin and do the walk with a daypack of water and essentials. This is tedious and removes necessary realizations brought by arriving at a place for the first time.

Someone greeted me with a smile and nod.

A mother gets mad with her son.

In San Pablo, the fishes in the lake and all of nature seems to be indigenous inhabitants that no longer belong to their own original home. And one can have a feeling that the poor here is displayed the same way. The inhabitants near the lake are the poor mami vendors. A few cafe here and there. But the one’s above are the high-end cafes. Below are mamihans. And then below of it all is the lake. The water. The most marginalized of all them. I do not want to see all of these in a Marxist lens. I want to see them in a freedom lens. The water was colonized, the natural dwellers no longer as free as they were before. Both the poor and the rich are colonizers.

Anarchy is about who owns what and how that owner could maximize that ownership.

But this lens is so difficult to apply in nature where everything seems shared.

The reason why I need to deepen my understanding of anarchy is because learning how to live well involves learning how to relate well with others.

Cats sleeping on rafts

Around the lake, the greens are also relatively thick. I did not expect to hear the same sound of insect chorus that I usually hear at LB.

Diary entry: sampaloc lake