Across the first bridge from San Jacinto town to San Fabian. There are settlements at the beginning of the train and trucks. The river is wide under the bridge but begins to be narrow as the trail progresses. One can either pass on the trail above or the grassy trail below. But one needs to use the upper trail to progress. Talahib is all around. It is the main kind of vegetation in the trail. Silent. Few dogs along the settlements and afar. You will encounter a few residents either tending with their grazing cows, strolling along the river side, or diving in the river possibly for fish. Cordillera is visible ahead the trail although much cloud.

The trail also has arms going down the river itself where it has dried and it’s possible to actually walk on. Birds fly but don’t perch on anything as there are not much trees only shrubs. Birding might be difficult here. There is a large pond where water from the river seems to be trapped when it is low. This is where people fish and dive.

The trail doesn’t seem to connect to another road so one needs to go back to the highway.