As mentioned in understanding, I need to gain three levels of understanding to practice intentional living:

  1. An understanding of my true self
  2. An understanding of how I can identify and set my intentions
  3. An understanding of how I can act in alignment with my intentions

These are usually discussed by academics, Eastern spirituality circles, and Christian circles. At the far end are academic discussions that are not grounded in practice. At the other end are discussions that require you to embrace a particular belief system usually by “faith”. Both of these traditions alienate the careful explorer and seeker who also wants to understand these three aims in a down-to-earth way.

Two of my main goals in my work are:

  1. To build a philosophical and scientific understanding of these three levels informed by Filipino cultural nuances.
  2. To build methods and systems that I (and other interested users) can use to deepen my understanding of these three levels of understanding as well as the practices embedded in them.

My approach to developing knowledge in these three areas can be characterized as non-sectarian, scientific, but holistic as it integrates practices from different traditions without subscribing to their metaphysical claims and beliefs.

Through my work, I would like to contribute in nurturing a space and a community for careful, cautious, honest, and self-directed thinkers to pursue personal growth and development so they can maximize ginhawa. This space and community is something I also need myself.

All kinds of people, from different beliefs, could join, as long as they are willing to leave those identities behind when they sit.