On Poetry

From Billy Collins’ Masterclass.

==Whitman was the first to remove regular meter and rhyme away. He removed those two training wheels but the bicycle kept going.

This started a debate in the 1850s whether Song of Myself was poetry or not. One professor said, if this is not poetry, it is something greater than poetry.

==Walt Whitman

  • ==had a general radical vision of himself as a poet.
  • ==great self advertiser
  • ==as a social and sexual liberator, he saw himself as a liberator of verse
  • ==He knew that if he will remove rhyme and meter, he needs to replace it with something. He used some devices:
    • ==anaphora: the lines begin the same way; instead of regularities at the end of the line, they are at the beginning (e.g., Crossing Brooklyn Ferry); he must’ve gotten it from liturgical prayer or Bible; chant

To Do

Review how Laura Walls differentiated Thoreau from Whitman