Edward Mooney’s argument that the human is composed of two entities, the soul and the self, seems to find proof here. The self wants structure and desires to be coherent and articulate everything. But my personal experience suggests that there are things I experience but couldn’t articulate and there are things I do without bargaining or analysis.

For example, I can’t analyze myself to loving someone or feeling in awe and amazed and moved by something, such as a sunset. The strongest emotions that convince us we want to stay a bit longer are not usually the product of analysis. Think if you may. You cannot escape it. But never ever over do it. It’s ok not to understand some things and be baffled by their mystery.

Although I think establishing a metaphysical basis to Mooney’s claim will be difficult, we cannot dismiss the claim that whatever we call “I” has two tendencies: to analyze and to just be moved.

Lyrical philosophy is the discipline that prioritizes being moved over analysis.