• small
  • targets a specific area of life
  • conducts a research about that
  • comes up with a plan
  • apply plan
  • report plan

The question is: Is this the kind of work you want to do?

But what you are most interested in are fundamental questions.

If this is how you approach your life work, then you will turn it into a personal development project that delves more on self-actualization needs.

But it is.

What more do I want to work on that personal transformation?

”Way of life.”

And so create a plan that targets your entire life. Divide your life.

A systematic and philosophical way of managing life.

The newsletter is a report about my most important projects

  • updates on building my “way of life”
  • updates on personal development projects that apply what I learn in each area


  • how to self-study
  • how to self-study philosophy and psychology

My goal is self-actualization and transcend.

My method is application of psychology and philosophy.

Therefore there is selfish work.

And selfless work.

This I think is how humanistic psychology is really useful.