Module #2: Rapid Email Frameworks (How to Write Persuasive Emails Fast)

Emails that you only send once in an email sequence.

30 minutes writing and 10-20 minutes editing Write fast by having:

  • Research
  • Frameworks that work (these boosts your confidence that your emails will deliver)

Before writing you must already have done the research about

  • who you are writing the emails to (their fears, desires, needs, beliefs, identifications)
  • why it’s beneficial for them to buy and buy now (features, benefits, USP, elevator pitch, value proposition)
  • why they should pick you over the competition (research competitor’s promises, sales messages, guarantees, etc.)

Killer email elements

  1. Subject line
  2. Opening sentence (pattern interrupt)
  3. The body
  4. They segue
  5. The ask

Only 4 elements in the frameworks

1. What, Not How

  • Tell them what the problem is.
    • Educate if needed.
  • Tell them what to do to solve it.
    • Give them a step-by-step if needed.
  • Tease or hint that the true solution is in the product or just by clicking the link.
    • That’s where the how is

Why it works

  • You are demonstrating expertise, insight
  • You are solving their problem
  • You are helping them get closer to their dreams

2. Troll/Hater Email

  • You can use someone who trolled you or the trolls of someone you are following.
  • First line: use a climactic first line that grabs your attention.
    • I finally got my first hater
    • Someone trolled me the other day
    • This is my first troll this week
  • Give context
    • Show what they said by posting the question or a screenshot (blur the name)
  • Give commentary or answer the troll: Why he’s wrong, right. What makes him wrong or right.
  • Commend the right. Expose the wrong. (Point everything or just one thing)
  • If you’d like to learn more (the real way, the fast way, a more ethical way). To do this, then go here and get [product].

Why it works

  • People like drama and story and conflict
  • This filters people who are not meant to be your audience

3. How to X without Y even if Z

  • If you’re trying to (blank), then here are a few things I’ve discovered that (blank).
  • List each one and briefly explain what and why, not how.
  • Want to know a simple way to make all these things happen at once?
  • Get my product.
  • CTA

Why it works

  • It’s a teaser to the real product.

4. Here’s Why, Not How

  • I saw something the other day OR I heard this ridiculous thing OR I realized something OR tell them something that troubled you
  • Here’s WHY that’s a problem/Why you think that happened
  • Tell them the point/moral/lesson
  • Link to the product
  • CTA

Why it works

  • Good for daily emails or broadcast emails
  • It’s topical and relevant
  • It’s insightful because it came from you (if they are in your list, share something personal because they want to know something about you)

5. Poralizing

  • Use this if you have a contrarian view against a popular or prevailing statement
  • Format
    • People are going to hate me for saying this, but I’m going to say it anyway
    • Controversial statement
    • Defend (Here’s why)
    • Link to product
    • CTA

6. Correlation

  • Explain a topic your prospects already understand or explain it quickly in a way that makes it easy to understand.
    • Sports, politics, religion, etc.
    • Or find something in your living room or office and connect it to a feature of the product you are selling.
  • How does this topic relate to the market’s problems and solutions?
  • Create a correlation to check your product.
  • Give them a “push” to take action.

7. News email

  • Similar to correlation emails but topic 1 is the news.
  • Format:
    • I saw this news the other day.
    • Here’s what happened.
    • It reminds me/It’s kinda like/The reason this matters because
    • State the point
    • Segue to your product
    • CTA

Why it works

  • It’s topical
  • You connect it with your product

8. Situation, Problem, Implication, Next (SPIN)

  • From Ray Edwards
  • Format
    • Are you in this situation right now? And you want to go from here to here?
    • Here are the common problems to from A-Z
    • Imply the work involved.
      • You spent money, time, and effort.
      • You did a lot of “leg work” to find what works.
    • There is a shortcut!
      • It’s called [unique mechanism] and this is why this shortcut works.
    • What’s it? Here’s what you need to do next.

9. Goal, Realistic, Overview, What’s Next (GROW)

  • This is your goal, right? You want X, Y, and Z without A, B, C.
    • Ex: Do you want to become a $10k/mo copywriter?
  • Here are the realistic things you can do to achieve goal
  • Overview of the steps to get there
  • What’s next?
    • If you want to get that WITHOUT doing all three or want to get it faster, join my program.
  • The tone of this framework is like a friend that is wise.

Why it works:

  • Shows that you emphatize.

Welcome email

most opened email (80%)

Framework 1

  • fulfills original promise from opt in
  • presents expectations (tell everything)
  • tells who to unsubscribe
  • builds curiosity for future emails (normally a bullet)
  • introduces personality, beliefs, and methods (introduce yourself)
  • polarizes (what you stand against, what you hate)
  • provide cliffhanger (e.g., on my second email, I am going to show you how to create a…)
  • sign off

Framework 2 (polarizing; useful in a sophisticated niche like fitness)

  • Call them out as different and congratulate them on making the choice to improve their life (trigger belonging and the cognitive bias of being congratulated from past decisions)
  • Invalidate other solutions and make them the enemy (e.g., I’m not like other blank who blank)
  • Tell them you’ll be sharing something you’ve never shared before
  • Tell what to expect (bullets)
  • Tell them the free stuff is better than other paid stuff and that they need to take action (or in the past you will pay for this but I am giving it now for free; )
  • Fulfill promise from opt-in
  • Tell them who should unsubscribe. (This is important to save your client money)