Nicole divides her finances into two categories:

  1. Cash
  2. Investments

She tracks these two categories separately.

Her Cash is further divided into three:

  1. On-hand
  2. Bank
  3. E-wallets

Her On-hand Cash is further divided into two:

  1. On-the-go wallet
  2. Home wallet

She has several banks

  • Unionbank (open an account online)
  • High-interest savings accounts: Gsave, Ppsave, ING (digital banks with high interest and no maintaining balance). Use these high interest banks for your emergency fund and goals you are saving up for the future.

Her e-wallets include:

  1. Gcash
  2. Paymaya
  4. Grabpay (similar with Paymaya but probably has more points)
  5. Paypal

Nicole has excellent advice on How to be safe when online shopping using e-wallets.


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