When I went through a break up in 2018, I only cried once (the day I learned she was seeing someone else). After that, it was so difficult for me to cry. The first day was the most terrible. It was so long. I was emotionally exhausted. My routines were all shattered. I believe it took about a month until I felt like I’m productive again. When the feeling of productivity came back, I felt relief. It was, I think, what convinced me that I was already feeling better.

There were many attempts to talk to her and reconnect. The finality came only after the attempt to reconnect with her after the movie Goyo was released.

I felt stronger in the next months. I even became confident that I was ready to meet her again by February 2019 because I felt like I won’t be affected by any means. I continued to remember her and miss her. But I also knew I don’t want to get back to her. I was so excited to be with the right person. Grief was there. It was like a scar. But it didn’t mean I have to commit mistakes because of it.