The problem with a brand is that it will cage a person and prevent change. A brand should be iterative especially at the beginning when the owner of it hasn’t really figured out who he is. One needs some semblance of it though as one needs to connect to people and people will always ask what one does or aspires to do.

Thus, a brand is necessary, but just a bare minimum of it especially at the beginning. A good rule is to differentiate the things one is sure of and those one is not yet sure of. Another good rule is to avoid declarations like “This is what I will do…” Granted, statements like these could resonate strongly with an ideal audience. But if the creator fails to uphold and follow through, the consequences will be worse.

It is better to avoid creating one’s cage and allow the organic process of creating to lead the way to one’s true identity.

This is related to tiago forte’s admotion to delay commiting to something until the last minute.

Here is My minimum viable brand.

To do

  • Flesh out smaller notes.


Some brands are content agnostic