In this contemplative and philosophical life, there are two skills to develop:

  1. analysis
  2. mindfulness

We use these skills to process stimuli from phenomena whether an artwork, situation, or text. Both analysis and mindfulness could generate thoughts and emotions that, in turn, generate words and actions.

However, in analysis, thoughts generated are usually enough. Emotions are even discouraged. That said, thoughts must translate to words and actions, and without emotions, words generated by pure analysis can’t inspire action.

On the other hand, mindfulness is only presence and openness to each moment and each thing, which allows the β€œsoul” to respond based not only on thoughts but also feelings. Thoughts with feelings are allowed to express words and move the soul to action.

While both are necessary and in some situations, one is more applicable than the other because the majority of life is subjective experiences, developing mindfulness trumps an analytical mind.

We need more mindfulness in everyday life. Analysis is for special occasions or special lines of work. In our peak experiences, which are moments of strong emotions, we don’t analyze. Instead, we yield to the situation and moment. We allow ourselves to be moved.

As time goes by, I evolve. And I myself am surprised that my evolution is pointing me towards being a creator of beautiful poetry that just happens to be philosophically inclined. Analysis is important but only to ground me to truth and honesty. But since what I need most to get through life lies in subjectivity, in beauty, I stay here the most. To move people to appreciate their one wonderful life.