If things should exist they have to be finite. The universe exists therefore it is finite.

If the universe is finite there will come a point where our search for a larger purpose ends.

There is no inherent meaning.

Life is inherently meaningless. Nevertheless, meaningful living is possible despite meaninglessness if we do our best to put meaning into our lives.

Taken at face value, the grave is the goal and killing myself is the most logical thing to do.

To avoid this, I must create meaning.

To choose to live even if suicide is an alternative is courageous. To keep on standing is to believe on something we didn’t even choose for ourselves (We did not choose to exist), something that is hard and can be harder, but sill valuable. Life is just a big acceptance project. We accept that we are alive and accept everything that life throws at us.

Creating our own meaning and purpose is the next step after acceptance.