Emily Dickinson is a poet of real delicacy and decorum.

  • 4 beats then 3 beats
  • She doesn’t know what to say every time but she always had that common meter waiting for her (Ole King Cole, nursery rhymes).
  • The quatrains are little boxes waiting for her.
  • Meanwhile, she is dealing with extreme states: live burial, a breakdown.
  • Tension: Decorous and mannerly language + Frightening extremities she’s dealing with
  • Capitalizes nouns
  • Uses commas and dashes
  • Emily Dickinson has domesticated her extreme states and survived them. This is where she is treasured.
  • She has nerves of steel.
  • ==She is one of the few poets that besides the common meter she uses seems a pure original. Difficult to say she was influenced.

To Do

See notes from Billy Collins’ Masterclass for thoughts on Emily Dickinson.