Clouds moving fast Tree branches falling I don’t even have to walk. I just have to stand completely still under these towering trees. And I will hear their heart beating. Or was that mine?

From where I stand, I hear the chorus of insects ascending then descending. From where I stand I hear the distant sound of a chainsaw, ever ascending, never descending. Carcasses of tall trees. There base can never be broken. They stand even after death.

Why is it when I am with nature I feel closer to everything else?

When you walk always remember to look down on the ground. Because there is decay. Dead earthworms, frog skins, brown leaves, a fallen bird. The ground is a reminder that the walk is a long one, but like all things, even the sun, one day it too shall end.

A chicken

Walking too is like meditation. You don’t reap its best fruits immediately the first time you do it. If anything, what it would give you the first time you do it is the awareness that you have a body and that there is so much going on within and outside this body. For you to notice its best benefits, you have to be able to get over the initial hump.

The path has always been a solitary one. The patience you’ve developed for years in this path is still useful for what is ahead.

The skill to learn is not walking