An Attempt to Draw a Spiritual Writing Curriculum

When writing is targeted outwards, it becomes an ego-filled path. Some examples of writing ego gone amok:

  • plagiarism in GBL
  • The Mindanao writer who falsified his credentials

Writing should primarily be an inner practice (at least especially for those who are like me called for an inner journey).

The goal of spiritual writing is primarily to help a seeker strengthen his or her commitment to the inner path:

  • help him or her commune with the self
  • Help him clarify the troubles of the self
  • help him track his journey
  • Take care of his thoughts and gifts

The second goal is to help him express his spiritual thoughts and feelings

The didactic part of the equation is where you will find your strength. Insights. The bare gifts that you receive while walking both geographic space and mind. Capitalize on these.

And then develop enough expressivism.