What am I desiring for free religion in general? Incorporate this to lifeview and workview.

How can I best approach my writing practice so that it comes into service for free religion?

Prepare another email for Andrew. One that asks more about the direction I could take.

I feel like creating my own ministry, something like i used to do as a young pastor but entirely my own. Although I maintain openness to possibilities, I would be content being a lay member of a church like yours but a life that is dedicated in a free religious path. Since I’ve dabbled with writing for almost half my life, I am considering living a ministry with writing at the center. Although working directly with people is something I would also love to have.

The vision:

I dream of a world where selves are allowed to self-actualize to be as free as possible to listen to their true selves and pursue a free, creative way of life.

I dream of a cooperative society where social structures are in place to maximize true freedom of all together while being mindful of the interconnectedness of everything.

I dream of a world where human, non-humans, and nature become one, where love and compassion flows.

Walking as Free Spiritual Writing Methodology