1. Low-Tech
  2. Self first
  3. Simplicity
  4. Efficiency

Treat the freelance practice as a whole. But divide it between profit and nonprofit projects.

Once the day job problem is solved, jump to one for profit and one not.


  1. Coaching, editing, and ghostwriting one-on-one offer (consider imitating Dave Ursillo’s writing group of two)
  2. Concentric writing workshop
  3. Walking and writing workshop
  4. Cultivating a Talahardin workshop
  5. Foraging workshop
  6. Contemplative street photography workshop


To do

  1. Revisit poetics and simplify. What do you really stand for? How do you want to contribute? Still focus on creative writing, spirituality, and the art of living. But focus on the methodology: draft, walking, fragmented, decentralized, low-tech, gift-based, subsistent

I may not be totally sold by the argument that the world is heading towards an environmental Armageddon, but the capitalist consumerist system is breaking down the things that are important to me: esp. values.

My spiritual practice needs some work. I need to feel renewed everyday either through my morning or my late afternoons.

  • designate vigorous exercise days
  • Incorporate movement into my daily life (morning work sessions etc.)
  • Then use daily walks primarily for renewal (max 2 hours, stop whenever needed, renew)

What if subsistent creativity means being economical with one’s words. How does one’s material context determine one’s words (and before that one’s thoughts?)