Drafts may not hold the status of finished pieces but they are valuable sometimes even more. The discussion on drafts ca. take a lot of angles. But the most relevant to the Talahardin is media. Discuss digital media.

Read an intro to discourse on what constitutes literature.

Why publish notes?

  • emphasize process over product
  • Let go of the need to produce something that seems final. I dont think anything is final these days.
  • Notes represent how I think and treat my writing.
  • Cite digital gardens vs blog

Digital notes published in a digital garden are different from traditional drafts

  • digital gardeners create works in progress with the intention of publishing it online. Traditional drafts are usually discarded or kept from public’s eyes until a later date
  • as a whole, the garden is never finished
  • Each note is never finished but develops towards a certain maturity, whose criteria is usability rather than finality.
  • Of course, the garden can hold both traditional drafts in electronic form as well as “finished” publishable manuscripts
  • But the most important difference is the intention to publish as much species as possible
  • A second difference is that, except for versioning and intentional backing up of each change, and using github, versions of electronic text are faster for extinction because of the allure of fastness that tech provides.
  • Personally, i dont want to be uber obssessed with saving every tiny version of my work. I like how working with electronic files makes it easy to create copies and versions but also tapers one’s need to do so because of the fluidity that the efficiency of working with e files affords.