6:10 pm

Dear J,

Thinking specifically about you and how you write, I can’t help but be reminded of the poet … she said “Poetry makes sure language has no masters.”

And this reminded me of intelligibility. I often hear that poetry is the most unprofitable of all the arts and those who do make some money out of it write intelligible poetry. Those who write the kind of poetry you write (or integrate i to your essays) don’t sell. Once I thought this was a problem of poetry. But now I know that it is an asset, a proof that poetrt has no master.

However, I have a feeling that whether or not we aspire for intelligibility is motivated by a deeper cause than this. Like most things, we are moved by individual temperaments, tendencies, some unfortunately inherited from childhood.

Although I want to speak beautifully, intelligibility seems to be my comfort zone. And thinking about this now makes me realize that this desire to understand often led ne to clarity, which in turn generated everything that wr attach to poetry but primarily awe,

Cite your dislike of morality and yet yhe possibility og the first cause

Obviously, I could imagine a differrent poet who begins with ambiguity and from here generates the emotions and states that we as poets and lyric essayists aspire for.

Intelligibility and ambiguity don’t always have to be contradictory. They’re distinct gates toward the same garden.


  1. Create a fictionalized map
  2. Include five qr codes
  3. Edit to put these on the map
  4. Product: map with qr codes that lead to the writings

Discussion points

  • tech as enabler
  • qr code as link between paper and paperless
  • Qr code as a different interaction to text