Dear J,

You said you walk the same paths but come to them a stranger every time. To me it is the other way around. The paths are strangers every time.

The cats for example in front Meister’s come and go. The first clowder I met at that place when I arrived here was a petite calico, a bigger tilapia male cat and a smaller tilapia male kitten. Eventually the calico and the big tilapia left and the kitten grew by itself. I fed the cat as often as I can and would’ve adopted it if my vet didn’t discourage me to do so. Stray cats will disrupt your clowder and bring disease esp to the older cats. I never brought Franco home even if I feel like we own eacj other.

One time while I was feeding him, a lady was watching and waiting. She had a bag of cat food too. I asked her if she was feeding the cat too. She said yes. I wasn’t the only one that felt like I owned Franco. Perhaps nobody owns him and that means he survives.

I’ve always wondered why the woman who made this comment, who seem to be an esteemed proponent of Pangasiniana didn’t use the same joke for Pangasiniana first, whose ghostly disappearance is more immenent than Filipiniana. Now I know why: That which was never there in the first place can never be lost.