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While walking up forestry, I came across two dogs walking down. I remember seeing a lump of meat one time when I was going up forestry. From afar it looked like a log albeit a weird looking one. Upon closer inspection, I saw that it was a body of a dead dog hardened by the cold. Its stomach bulged and its hind legs were apart like branches of a dead log. As I remember this, I waited for a lone car going down Lantican to pass the first dog I saw. Made sure it was ok. A few months ago, two cats of UPLB died from separate car crashes. These happened about an hour apart. I notice that drivers here drive faster when there are more people or animals on the road or when the roads are narrower. They go against nature. Perhaps this is why I can’t make myself buy a car no matter what I do. I prefer walking.

The Narra Guest House

And because I almost always walk in the night, I always see the narra guest house in its darkest. A dim lamppost provides the little light that would allow one to see its facade. It is further proof that this road was indeed called Narra before it was Lantican Ave.

The biggest surprise to the intellectually curious is that when you are patient enough to ask the question “why,” you will come to a point when you realize there is no big purpose, no God, nothing up there. Depending on your taste, you would either treat this as doom or liberation.

Walking to Forestry on a Caffeinated Mind

I took a tablespoon filled with coffee and mixed it on hot water an hour before I walked. And now that I am walking to forestry I could hear everything, see everything, feel everything. I raise my head up at the sky and see the clouds dissolving into the night like coffee granules on hot water.

Don’t stress too much about what to read next. Let your curiosity and needs dictate that. As long as there’s at least 1 prose book and 1 poetry book on your plate you’ll be fine. Focus more on making good use of the information you get from your reading.