How often should be these philo walks? What do i do when I am in one?

The key is not to make this overly methodical. Definitely train mindfulness and paying attention. Then just let yourself be surprised.

While entering UP, I was joined by a group of men who wore the same thing I was wearing who were like my age and about the same height as mine. We entered the gate almost simultaneously we crowded it. Here are people who probably don’t know each other, all capable of being in awe, all didn’t choose to be here, and may never know each other’s stories. But at that moment, we were all together.

Amoralism Anarchy Existentialism

A poem about love

Stanzas made up of descriptions of love’s instantiation in the universe then ends with one utterance of Love.

I refuse to take a full-time job To write in the morning and walk in the afternoon


No, listen. I am not kidding. Staring at the passage of each cloud That blends to the next Can be the entire reason For why I am here

Stopping is a necessary part of my walks.

Might be best to do the journaling in the afternoon when I am in the walk. Therefore, start at exactly 5 pm.