It took many years before man learned to walk on two legs. Now it is outdated.

It took many years before man learned to write. Now with video, reading and writing seems outdated.

Everything slow is outdated.

I feel like my heart is muddled, impure. I can no longer feel what’s right, know what’s true. What happened?

I’m always finding fault from Lea

Like all kinds of art, the way you walk, reflects what is happening within you.

If writing and walking is my church now, I can’t remove it entirely from my routine while figuring everything out.

  1. Fix the rest of my sched
  2. Find a way to insert writing into my daily routine.
  3. Fix writing system (what to do during the time I allot to my writing project)

An old lady passed by. I smelled a strong stench of katinko.

If you want faith, put writing and joy in your everyday. That at least. Don’t have to aspire for more.

Sa daan, sumasang-ayon ang mga ligaw na kamote sa aking mga paa. Hindi sila tutubo sa tatapakan ko.

Lahat mapabayaan na, pero alin ba ang hindi dapat?

Ito. Kung ano man itong nararamdaman ko. Ito’y apoy na kailangang panatilihing nagliliyab.

Walking + Art + Spirituality (ito ang pokus ko)

Mukhang nahanap ko na ang anggulo kung paano ako babalik sa laru-laruan at imahinasyon nung bata ako. restructuring a place, fictionizing it, a place becomes truer to me, but only to me. First.

What is the shortest way to getting back to my calling?

I see fireflies.


  1. Writing life
  2. Day job
  3. Side hustle

The writing life can’t ever go. No matter what happens, I can’t have zero minute invested in it every day. Do this for my sanity. It has to be the first thing I do in the morning.

As I slowly walked away from the batis, I can feel what I found there slowly diminishing. And the outside world and all its worries began permeating my sphere of awareness once more.