Walking now only with less than 1/4 of a sertraline pill and barely getting by.

When ornamental berries fall on concrete, they become stain. When they fall on soil, they feed the plant and perhaps become berries again.

I think it is possible to become sensitive with the differences in identity among different people without being illogical.

I pass by it but I rarely notice Molawin Biopark. Now that I’ve read about the origins of the garden, I wonder what this place was stripped of all its modern identities. Did anyone own it? What could I have found on the river from this vantage point? We call it a park, but the cicadas I hear now don’t care.

Consider writing an essay about the many buildings currently being built inside the campus (including how much they cost).

Is it worth it trying to create a new world if navigating myself with the world I currently have is already too much? Perhaps a more worthwhile use of one’s time is to make the most of what we have.

I once had a good job which I held for 3 years. But even with that job, I could’nt make a million. Meanwhile, someone’s building a 4 million CR.

Kelan ka magpapatuli? Sa july 15 Weh talaga ba? Ikaw wala ka namang jowa