Notes from Butiki Baboy

Queer art vs not queer


  • streams of consciousness, playful (problematic because some straight people do so)
  • more experimental
  • Andaming pinanggalingan vs straight na medyo careless and walang pake sa reception


  • like orgasm yung text

The need to categorize is weird because we dont categorize straight art as straight. But labels do help for marketing. But labels are unnecessary.

An AI art did not take risk. I am not excited by an art does that not take risks.

Consciously making free time for important stuff.

Feeds as uncurated

Social media malawak pero hindi malalim.

Joy = authentic, dont have to share your back story to the other,

Date: Jul 1, 2023 at 6:58 PM; Altitude: 33.1168212890625; Coordinates: 121.2319650849356, 14.1643444709064; Map:,121.231965&ll=14.164344,121.231965

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to remove the pastor in me. While I will explore writing in different ways, I have something unique in me. A unique value proposition. Use my past as a pastor to walk and see the world in a different set of eyes.