How could we make everything as fun as possible?

For me, living in Los Baños is like living in a pretend world. I always see Mt. Makiling and the wilderness there but I haven’t stepped into its wilderness. I kid myself that I am living in Nature and yet walking around LB is an act of looking for what is left of Nature.

It has been 12 years ago. In eight years, 20 years ago. And soon it will be forgotten

Nen saman Diyad Sta. Maria Sano onlukas laray bungay mais Tan nanengneng laray duyaw a butil Onggapo met lan Ondago iray kumpapey Ed silesilew mid abung nu labi Tan agkami la makasabad satan Ya manggogoy sali mi Ikapot miray bintana Tan saliey onugip anggano Ampetang Alagarey kabuwasan sano Napanoy datal mi Na nampulbon paya-payak Ya panisen mi tan panisen lamet Nabuas Anggad sano naburbor iray mais Ed beneg mi.

Mt data smells of bulok na mangoes