4:30-7:00 pm Ela-Rambutan-Pili-IPB Road

People walking out to gate Mountain bikes. A biker posts while sitting with his bike at carabao park

Really cold under this balete tree

Feeling a bit sleepy at Pili.

Water flows into the wall and out through holes on the wall.

Makahiya around the path towards what looks like a waiting shed.

As I walked back, a young girl passed by and drops the wrapper of the chips she was eating.

I walked and saw the house where that little girl lived who owned the kitten I asked her to feed. I was hoping to see the kitten or the little girl. What I saw was a dog, who started climbing the wooden ladder. I took pics of the dog climbing when suddenly, a man appears. “He’s so good climbing!” I exclaimed as I took one last shot. The chicken perched over the wall was startled.