For January 2023, focus on studying how to write emails


  1. Watch REF module 2.
  2. Read sample emails written by Lea and Chelsea. (Take note of the format.)
  3. Listen to Sariah’s two-hour talk to understand how she talks and her quirks.
  4. Study writing a sales page through TCF Sales Copy Breakdown.

Steps Lea usually takes when writing emails

  1. Coach sends a resource for her to listen to or watch. This resource will be the content for the email.
  2. Lea writes the email.
  3. Coach checks the email.
  4. Lea schedules.

Skills and procedures to focus on

  • Be very familiar with the product. In Sariah’s case, this involves consuming her flagship course.
  • Build a swipe file.
    • Always get inspiration from other copies.
    • You don’t have to recreate the wheel.
    • Create a list for sample subject lines, CTAs, etc.
  • Remember the parts of an email
    • Subject line
    • Preview text
    • Salutation
    • CTA
  • You don’t have to write an email in one sitting. Take a break then return.