I am living my life deliberately by continuously acting according to my intentions. My intentions and actions are informed by a deep and honest understanding of reality—myself, others, and the universe.

Every day, I try to “suck all the marrow out of life” through a pursuit of beauty, meaning, and wisdom. In this quest, I use walking as a platform for understanding and creating for myself and others. I take photographs, catch poetry, and write notes that I combine into beautiful essays and books that I hope inspire others to also live deliberately.

To support myself in my quest, I take care of my mind and body so that I’m always at my best state moment by moment. Mindful that my actions always affect others, I practice compassion and strive to always deepen my connection with fellow humans and other sentient beings.

I have also mastered my relationship with the material world. I support myself through meaningful work, use resources efficiently, and limit my interaction with the exchange economy by developing self-reliance.


To Do

  • As I go deeper into jiyu shukyo, I should be open to revising this document to articulate how I aspire to be in a world I share with other human beings, creatures, and non-living things.
  • Simplify by combining this and my purpose is to live deliberately into my own creed of life.