Wanted to write books in general

Philosophers closer to mathematicians

Philosophers closer to humanities

University philosophers were mad because he went against what was usually done in philosophy departments

  • They don’t have a vision of philosophy as a source of wisdom for everyday life

There is popular intelligence, a wisdom of crowds

Academics leave behind what is most alive in a question

Philosophy is not about the topic. It is a way of thinking, a way of attempting to break down questions in a rigorous way.

It is different from poetry or fiction.

Use the art of rhetoric in order to transmit your philosophical ideas in a way that touches the emotions.

  • Good essays see that a readers mind is a slow beast that needs to be coaxed.

Philosophers need to get good at plotting.

Montaigne’s essays

Virginia Wolfe’s essays

What’s the difference between working in the university vs. doing it in college?

  • None really


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