It is important to Write permanent notes about what you read to test understanding. However, it is distracting to switch back and forth between reading a book and writing evergreens.

Applying the getting things done approach it is best to separate capturing Loose ends and processing them (see Barbell method of reading). Then, follow this process:

  • For physical books, write notes directly on a note in Zotero or draw a dot or line in the margin of interesting passages. You will have to set a reminder to look into these markings when processing the book.
  • For web articles, copy+paste interesting excerpts into a note in Zotero.
  • For digital books and PDFs, export highlights and annotations in Zotero.

When you are ready to work on a note, create a working note in your writing inbox where you start to play around with these literature notes.

These notes shall remain in the writing inbox until processed iteratively via a spaced repetition writing system. Use the process in how to convert literature notes to permanent notes to create permanent notes.


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