Why was Thoreau so in love with Nature?

The reason why thoreau thought much about Nature is because he has transcended himself.

It is difficult for me to think about other things aside from my needs because I haven’t self-actualized enough.

The more I can self-actualize, the easier it is for me to appreciate nature - beauty and excellence - which is my core strength anyways.

Why did Thoreau write lenghty narratives of his walks?

He practiced paying attention, seeing what is outdoors. Living in one place for most of his life just made his seeing more potent. He was a perfect example of how Continued freshness of appreciation is practiced.

Learn to live by reading and being.

How often did Thoreau walk? How did he insert his studies? How often did he read books? How did he synthesize what he read with what he sees outdoors?



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The life Thoreau led – a life of resistance (Emerson recounts that his first response to any request was to say no, that he always found it easier to refuse than to assent), but also of radical choices: working only for what was necessary, walking daily at length, avoiding entanglement in the social game – was quickly judged by others (the upright, the hardworking, the propertied) to be pretty peculiar. However, it was combined with a quest for truth and authenticity. Seeking truth means going beyond appearances. It means denouncing manners and mores, traditions, the everyday, as so many conventions, hypocrisies and lies.