Concepts by man have been winning the battle against platonic laws for quite sometime even if man’s ability to create was also brought by Nature.

Why is spirituality marginalized? “Let’s make man according to our image.”

Why is spirituality marginalized? It’s not because it is telling a certain truth that the mainstream is withholding. It is because it polarizes people. It requires people to take a leap of faith. To believe on things with no evidences, to accept explanations that have easier more down to eart explanations.

I believe that the spiritual and nonspiritual have one thing in common - they are all people who need meaning to survive and endure life. And yet, the spiritual community has focused less on that bottom line and more on selling concepts and ideas that intimidate and even judge people who don’t resonate with them.

For me, the things spirituality talks about are things philosophy also talks about. So what makes spirituality different? What necessitates it to be a different discourse? Is it the belief in spirits, in God, in the law of attraction? That it is philosophy minus logic plus wuwu? Is that it? Is that what spirituality upholds?