Rainbow above fields

There are not many rarities in life that would make you stop, still, on wherever your feet stand than a rainbow surprising you while you scamper for shelter from a brewing rain.

When you see it, you just have to stop. The mind rests and the body follows.

I took this photo after deciding to cut short what could have been a long bike walk. A strong storm was on the watch for a few days now and we’ve been expecting heavy rain. But we had fair weather most of the day and the trails have dried up so I decided to hop on my bike and give it a try.

I only had about half an hour of good late afternoon sun when the sky started to go gray and tiny drops of rain began to fall. And since it was a long way home, I knew I had to turn back.

And that particular moment, that turning back, was when I saw this beautiful rainbow, full in its grandeur, only cut by a cotton ball of clouds at the middle.

I was stunned. I just have to take a photo of it.

Reflecting on this photo now, I am reminded that while I am more inclined to believe on coincidences than synchronicity, I do think that it is logical that intentionality and purposeful living bring one closer to moments like these - moments when rest and relief come easier, and sometimes in surprising ways.

No matter how large your storm is, when your rainbow comes, you remember that you can be waterproof, sometimes.