Length: 10-12 weeks (More than two months)

Contact Form

  • Contains way to book a discovery call.
  • Contains questions that will be helpful during discovery call.
    • Budget range (this immediately filters less ideal clients)
    • Where is their business at right now?
    • Explain a bit about their business.

Discovery Call

  • First question: Do they have branding? If the client has no branding yet, she doesn’t take the project. She directs them to doing branding first with her.
  • Next: Is it an ecommerce or just informational website? Ecommerce websites are more expensive and time-consuming.


  • Tell them you will send a proposal in two days.
  • Customize and make it nice.
  • Go everything we discussed.
  • Include package details, start date, and payment plan.

Client portal

  • Prerequisites:

    • Client has accepted the proposal.
    • Client has signed the contract.
    • Client has sent the deposit.
  • Send login details for client portal.

  • Send another questionnaire for their business needs.

  • Prepare a video explaining where their taskboard and messages are located

Initial homepage designs

  • Once the questionnaire is filled up, start the project.
  • Start with homepages and provide two to three designs (at least two of these should be completely different) to choose from.
  • If there are no copies and images ready, use placeholder copies and images.

Feedback on designs

  • Adjust to the communication preferences of the client.
  • Adobe XD allows you to comment on specific parts of the design.
  • Give them 4-5 questions to answer to facilitate their feedback giving.

Design interior pages

  • Also any edits to the home page
  • Find inspiration from different places
  • Use home page design to direct the design of the other pages
  • You don’t need to mockup each product page, just one sample is enough.
  • Always provide a video run-through of why you designed what you designed.

Get feedback and hire copywriter

  • This round of feedback is so important. When you get to development, you don’t want a lot of editing. Emphasize this to the client also.

Web development begins

  • Two weeks

Website walkthrough

  • Accept a few design changes

Website launches

  • Send an email to your client on launch day. Make it fun.
  • Include some complementary launch graphics.