Initial meeting

  • Stress the value of a high-quality website.
  • Most clients are busy people and overhauling their website is a chore.
  • Stress: The effort we put into our website directly affects the bottomline of the business.
  • Initial meeting goals:
    • Understand the purpose of the website
    • Special needs of the website
    • What pages we need to make
    • Vibe of the website
    • Collaborate on the Hi-Five Conversion Formula
  • Ask the golden question: When someone comes to your website, what do you want them to do?
    • Three uses of a website:
      • Buy
      • Schedule and appointment
      • Subscribe
  • Come to the meeting prepared with three different websites of similar businesses in their space. Then let them go through what they do and don’t want in the sites.
  • Keep all meeting notes in a shared Google Drive with the client.


  • Use Figma to create an initial design of the website.
  • Only when both you and the client are in love with the mockups will you only move on to developing.


  • All your client wants is an awesome website. They don’t care how you get there.
  • For most projects: Wix
  • For custom: React and Tailwind CSS for frontend and AWS Amplify for backend
  • After building, test it thoroughly.
  • Demo the website to the client.
  • Do necessary changes.
  • Once both of you are happy, deploy.


  • Reference: Clock Work by Mike Michalowicz
  • Give 15% discount if they are willing to pay upfront. Just add 15% to what you want in the beginning.