And so it is natural that we take actions even if we are unsure of them. Often times, we just have to live life. We just have to follow what feels good even when the entire picture is not yet complete. I can’t wait for the entirety of my worldview to be finalized before I can start living. That is impossible.

There is no pre-life where you can practice or do your research before embarking in your life. The practice and the research happens while you are at the middle of what you are researching and practicing for. This means that a lot of times in your life you are required to take a leap of faith. You are unsure. You are always unsure. That is just the nature of the game. But then we take a leap of faith anyways. We decide. And often times, after the decision is made, do we only learn.

The manual of living is only being written as the living is happening. If this is the nature of life, then The day as a context for one’s work makes complete sense. Today, this is what is true to me. This is what I know. So I act on it. Tomorrow, I might learn something new and change course.

Living day by day reduces the uncertainty and anxiety of doing something we are not prepared for. I might not be able to master a complete life. But I might be able to master this day. I might not be sure about my entire life. But I could be sure about today.