There is so much I can learn from my past life as a young pastor at my childhood religion. I have tried to avoid this history, but the truth is it is a significant part of who I am today and I need to create an open conversation between it and my current life especially because the majority of my life as a religious person was actually pretty fun and might even be better in most respects than what I have now.

  1. A group of close friends with core beliefs that are similar
  2. A larger community where a measure of prestige is possible
  3. A rich inner life that consists of learning deep truths (borderline philosophy)
  4. A platform to teach those truths I was learning (public talks, preaching, Bible studies, Deaf ministry)
  5. A skill (sign language) that I felt confident about
  6. A direct experience of helping and seeing that I am making some difference in other people’s lives (Deaf)
  7. Mentors whom I regularly talk with and communicate about my deeper ideas, thoughts, and who teach me how to be better in what I was doing.

Here is A comparison of my past religious life and my life today