This day is long. It’s almost 5 pm and yet the heat still stings. The sun is still bright. I’ve come to visit Makiling. To rest as my body tells me.

I sit on a stone bench in front Makiling and looked down on the soil where my feet are eastablished. I see largr black ants moving around. And mosquitoes, which were enough to convince me to continue walking.

There are a few trees along this road. But two are undeniably large. Both I am sure are centenarians. Or more. On their trunks vines hold tight as if to ask for support, for help, to live. They’re like life sources. Like the snake statue of moses. Merely looking at them heals you. They are like sentinels guarding the assault to Makiling.

Walking is like reading. When you walk you need to balance flowing and noticing. If you notice every little detail you will get tired and wont cover enough. Even on zoological or botanical surveys, you can overdo noticing. You have to let nature absorb you.

To describe:

  • Ants killing a dying cicada.
  • The loud insects in LB.